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" The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that
they can grow separately without growing apart. "
- ♥ - Quoted By Elizabeth Foley - ♥ -

All About Twitter

My Philosophy About Twitter

Many years ago, a 20 year old man met a friend via ham radio. For many years, they would just chat on ham radio. They never met.

Years later, this young man and his friend (a man of his own father's age) met for the first time in Hong Kong. In the ensuing years, by coincidence, they emigrated to the same country, where they could be real life friends for the first time.

Both men are now dead. However, their friendship continues in spirit: these two families have continued to be friends for 3 generations now. I am the daughter of the 20 year old man.

They say Twitter is the modern day ham radio. I would agree. Twitter inspires me to believe that long distance friendships are possible and possibly enduring. To my Twitter friends, perhaps one day, we would meet. Perhaps, our families would also continue to be friends long after you and I have left this world for the next.

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