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" Subject to change are all things, Strive on with diligence. "
- ♥ - Buddha - ♥ -

The Impermanence of Life

According to the teachings of Buddhism, there is nothing which is permanent, stable, lasting, indestructible or forever the same. Like a flowing river, our existence is never the same at any time.

Science concurs, and teaches that even apparently permanent objects like the oceans, continents, mountains change. Even the sun, earth and the solar system are never the same, and will, one day, become extinct. If all these things change, then we can't doubt the impermanence of life. No one can avoid death and destruction of the body.

Sometimes, people make mistakes in their relationships with others because they fail to remember that changes are always occurring in themselves as well as in others. Often friendships die because each or both persons fail to realise that their friend's interests, attitudes and/or personalities can and have changed.

When we realise that people and situation are constantly changing, we will approach each moment of a relationship with an open mind. We will be able to accept each new change without clinging on to outmoded ideas about people. Relationships can then develop further. It has been shown time and time again that success in life depends on one's ability to adapt to change in situations and how well one makes the most of new opportunities.

Once we understand that youth, health, material things and even life itself are impermanent, we should then try to make the most of circumstances which are favorable... while they last.

This post was inspired by a friend, @DrRemy, who sent me the video below. In it, life is being liken to the impermanence of sand.

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