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" He who does not have the courage to speak up for his rights cannot earn the respect of others. "
- ♥ - Rene G. Torres - ♥ -

How to Speak Up for Yourself

Photograph courtesy of Erna
Photograph courtesy of Erna

In the world of polite-speak, minced words & mixed messages, it is best to simply say what you mean.

How to do this:

  1. Be Responsible
    You must choose to change if you wish to stop self-deprecating speech.

  2. Start at the Top
    What is one diminishing, demeaning or dismissing phrase that you wish not to use, ever again? That's the one you ought to work on first.

  3. Get Positive
    Transform negative words and phrases that you use regularly to positive statements.

  4. Get Support
    What is very useful is to get a trusted friend to let you know each time you put yourself down by discreetly scratching their nose or rubbinb their chin when you do so.

  5. Get Physical
    Take up a sport that brings out your assertive side, for example, fencing.

  6. Take small Steps
    Concentrate on changing one thing at a time. Try not to be so hard on yourself.

If there are other ways you can think of, please let me know.

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