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" The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling but in rising each time we fall. "
- ♥ - Nelson Mandela - ♥ -


Everything is Possible

Ever feel like giving up? Maybe you think it is too hard, too boring, too time-consuming, too whatever...

If you have 4 minutes, watch this video first. Then read below.

Changed your mind about giving up? Many do, after watching this video!

I'm not saying that every one of us can do everything with practice. However, if ever you feel despondent, always remember that, in each of us, we have an ability for something. It may be something that we have yet to discover in ourselves... but which we will, if we give ourselves enough of a chance.

Nothing worthwhile ever comes easily, so give yourself a fair opportunity before deciding to give up... or not. As that quote goes, 'Never give up on something that you can't go a day without thinking about.'

May you find your unique ability some time during your life.

Dedicated to a twitter friend (you know who you are) whose amazing career has proven that the possibilities are endless.


thumbnail Some people are amazing, aren't they? great vid Yvonne :)

thumbnail Thanks Lily. I believe all of us are amazing in different ways. It's just that some of us haven't discovered our talent/s and/or the best way to apply them yet... but we are *all* amazing.


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