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" Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it. "
- ♥ - Norman McLean - ♥ -

And So, Our Online & 3D Lives Merge...

Thanks to Kate Gilby @kateblogs for the inspiration. This post is dedicated to my 3D friend about whom I speak below (you know who you are!).
And no, don't ask me what memories this song evokes - I'll tell you another day. And don't ask my 3D friend about it either... I don't think s/he wants to be identified.

Songs from the past can trigger memories in a way that you and I inherently understand but will probably find difficult to explain in words.

For me, one of these songs is A-Ha's Take on Me from 1985. An online friend, @kateblogs, found me this hit & I then forwarded it to one of my best friends in 3D, with whom I share the memories that Take On Me triggers.

Hang on a minute here...What did I just say?

My online friend finds me a song that I forward to my 3D, in-real-life friend?

It was then I realized that my 3D life was starting to merge with my online life... a phenomenon which, ironically, is reflected in Take on Me.

The only difference is, in this music video, it is not (virtual) social media that the 3D girl merges with. Instead, it is with a graphic novel character.

Do you find that your online life merges with your 3D life?

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