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" Inspiration and genius--one and the same.  "
- ♥ - Victor Hugo - ♥ -

My Inspiration

Photograph courtesy of You TubeDancing in the Rain

This post is dedicated to @iconic88 who believes in the same positive outlook in life, as I do. Life's good because we choose to make it so ...

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Photograph courtesy of MetaCafeEverything is Possible

Ever feel like giving up? Maybe you think it is too hard, too boring, too time-consuming, too whatever ...

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Photograph courtesy of You TubeHave You Ever Failed?

This inspirational video is one of the more thought-provoking ones I've seen this year ...

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Photograph courtesy of You TubeThe Impermanence of Life

According to the teachings of Buddhism, there is nothing which is permanent, stable, lasting, indestructible or forever the same ...

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Photograph courtesy of You TubeAnd So, Our Online & 3D Lives Merge

Songs from the past can trigger memories in a way that you and I inherently understand but will probably find difficult to explain in words ...

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Photograph courtesy of You TubeAging ≠ Loneliness

Watch this 2-minute video first before you read the blurb below. You will enjoy it better this way. ... Set in a retirement village in south east Asia ...

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Photograph courtesy of You TubeOld as She was, She Still Missed her Daddy

Here's a silent movie, where the picture tells a thousand words. It was written by Hikmet Temel Akarsu, a contemporary Turkish novelist ...

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Photograph courtesy of You TubeFather and Son

An awe-inspiring tale about a father and son team who compete together in marathons and other athletic events. This is not unusual ...

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Photograph courtesy of ErnaHow to Speak Up for Yourself

In the world of polite-speak, minced words & mixed messages, it is best to simply say what you mean. ... How to do this ...

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Photograph courtesy ofKaren WalzerPeople Get Happier as They Age

At the 117th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association recently , Dr Susan Turk Charles PhD of the University of California Irvine ...

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Photograph courtesy of New ScientistThe Music Your Brain Makes

What our brain looks like is well-known on MRI and CT scans. However, there is very little published about what our brain sounds like ...

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Photograph courtesy of Meti-cu-lous6 Ways to Stop Sabotaging Your Own Speech

What Not to Say: ... I'll try or "I hope" because this fails to communicate any sense of self-belief or conviction. It plants a seed of doubt ...

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