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" When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence. "
- ♥ - Ansel Adams - ♥ -


Cell Phone Photography by David Yeung

I often wonder what is it that influences us to act on the impulse to activate the camera shutter in taking a picture. Armed with a camera, every second is an opportunity to create a image------ the 'reality' in front of us is fleeting, changing all the time. Every way we point our camera is also an opportunity to create a different image. What is it that makes us exercise that 'choice' in making that one particular image? This is what Henri Cartier-Bresson called, 'the moment of decision'.

Photography allows us to express our thought and emotion. It must be a thought or an emotion that motivates us to make that decisive step, in creating a 'permanent' image that we can retrieve later to reminisce on. It must be some 'resonance' within that begins the action that turns us into a 'photographer'.

Human beings are aware of the transiency in what we experience as reality, and secretly we strive to preserve that moment in an image to remind us of the reality that once existed. It is also like holding on to something that we refuse to let go. True enough, I have often been reminded of an experience by looking at an photograph, without which the experience would have been totally erased from memory by time.

We are living in interesting times. So much technological advance is right at our disposal and we often forget what is available on our hands. Only recently I am reminded that on my cell phone, there is a camera that takes adequate images of memorable moments.

Do not be discouraged by technocrats who tell you that the images are blurred, or of 'low resolution'. Our memory is at best always blurred and distorted, anyway! When you experience a moment that is worth recording, remember that you probably have a cell phone with camera in your pocket.

Attached are some images I have collected...All images are made with my cheap cell phone camera given to me as I renewed my phone contract.

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For such moments, like the flowing water in a river, is never the same second to second. In fact it is as if by taking hold of that part of reality, and keeping it in storage, we can hold on to the illusion of permanence, hold on for just for a few more years.........

This is what makes photography so endearing to many of us.

This post was contributed by my friend, Dr David Yeung. Thank you, David.


thumbnail I have taken pics with my cell that I would have missed since I did not have a "regular" camera with me. So many moments are just waiting for you to take their picture! :-) Thank you!

thumbnail You're welcome! So good that we can take photos with our phone now. I'm not even sure if the cell phone should really be called a cell phone or a cell-pics-phone nowadays!

thumbnail beautiful.

thumbnail Glad you like it. We'll have to get David to post more photos lol!


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